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Gallery of Christopher Vidal


“Finding Peace in Art”

Currently living in Sydney, Maltese-born Christopher migrated to Australia in 2009. His love for the arts started when he was very young. For three years, he attended the School of Arts at Palazzo de La Salle in Valletta, Malta where he studied classical arts drawing and sculpture under the supervision of various local artists. After finishing his academic studies Christopher worked as a medical researcher in Malta and Australia; however his innate love with painting remained. More than ten years ago he started painting with oils and he fell in love with this versatile and dynamic medium. Travelling around Australia gave Christopher more inspiration and motivation, and since 2012, he’s been painting almost every day and exhibiting his work in various art shows around Sydney and surrounding areas.

As an artist he expresses himself in his paintings, especially when painting landscapes. His inspiration comes from his love of the arts, science, nature and what is around him. These are all interconnected through his artwork. Through his works, he wants to remind his audience that we as humans should never forget our connection to mother earth and the universe. We should respect and care for mother nature and leave it as much as possible unharmed for future generations.

Nature inspires Christopher in many ways. Standing in front of a mountain makes him realise how short our life is, as although dynamically changing, these mountains have been standing much before human existence and will stand beyond our time. Trees also have a story to tell, as they stand the test of time constantly battling the weather and gravity while searching for light and water. Ocean, lakes and rivers remind him from where all life started. Strong waves and ocean currents sculpt our coastlines while maintaining the right temperature on earth necessary to support life. Looking up at the skies reminds Christopher of the vastness of the universe. The glorious moments full of spectacular colours when the sun sets behind the horizon at the end of the day is a time of reflection about the day that just ended, and that every precious second of life should be embraced.

Chris’ style of painting is contemporary realism with an impressionistic touch. He uses a traditional method of painting with oils building the painting “fat over lean” adding more details as he progress in the painting.

Christopher’s works are found in private and corporate collections in Australia and Internationally.

“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul” – W Somerset Maugham


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